Sunday, March 21, 2010

What have you done for Crochet Month?

I'm sure that everyone who's reading this blog knows that March is Crochet Month! Have any of you taught someone else to crochet or maybe learned to crochet yourselves? I taught myself to crochet just a little over a year ago and I'm happy to say I'm in love with crochet! I've always got a crochet project going on.

Another thing is I have a very special crochet designer that I follow and try to promote whenever possible. Her name is Tamara Gonzales and she has a blog called Tamara's Take on the Crochet Soiree website. Here is a link to the website: I hope that you each go there and read her blog. Another thing I'd like to see you all do is join us April 2 or so for a CAL that we'll have going on. We're gonna be using one of Tamara's first patterns for a scarf, which I hope everyone can use either as a Christmas present or for charity. Leisure Arts is publishing Tamara's first book which will be out in the next couple of weeks. I'll be posting more about the book just as soon as it comes out. Tamara is a great new designer kid on the block who has a wonderful personality and is a genuinely nice person. You'll love to get to know her. Let me know what you think okay? Thanks friends.

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's another giveaway!

I want to let everyone know about this wonderful giveaway that's going on over at Birchberry Farms. She has started a new line of lotions to go along with her soaps and is having a wonderful giveaway. You can got to her blog to enter:

One World One Heart Giveaway and More!

Recently there was an outstanding blog hop called OWOH or One World One Heart giveaway, where people who had blogs and wanted to participate could sign up and giveaway one gift to a lucky person who visited their blog and signed up for the prize. Some blog sites gave away up to five gifts I believe. Anyway, I did a "bunch" of blog hopping and met a lot of very talented people who had so much to share. It was really an amazing thing both for the blogs who participated and for the people who went around and visited as many blog sites as they could. All in all, there were over "one thousand" blog sites that participated! I went to as many places as I could and signed up for a lot of gifts, and guess what? I won five gifts from different people at different blog sites!! I'm going to try to post them here and let you know who they are from:
This is a lovely "Baktus" scarf in a beautiful blue, 100% Wool sent by Hazel Henry. Thank you Hazel!

The next gift is a beautiful antique collar with a lot of handsewn pearls on it, and also some wonderful tea. This gift was from Nancy Benanito-Sgromolo.

Isn't this just the cutest little penguin ornament you've ever seen? It was designed and made by Josie Ditzler.
I won this beautiful decorated letter "B" (which is the first letter of my name, how cool is that?) And I also received this sweet pocket card with lots of embellishments for me to use to decorate something, now wasn't that sweet? The wonderful artist who did all that for me is Bee Beryl at:
Last but certainly not least of the artists who I won a one of a kind piece of art designed by themselves is, Gina Luna. You can find her blogspot here:
Weren't those just the most wonderful pieces of art and gifts that you've ever seen? I would highly recommend to each and everyone who reads this, that they participate in the OWOH next year, both as a blogger who joins in and gives away a gift, and as a blog hopper who goes around and meets a lot of new people and wins a lot of gifts. The gifts are a bonus, and meeting new people and making new friends is what it's all about. I plan on doing both next year, so stay tuned!!

Now then, in addition to all the wonderful gifts that I received in the OWOH, I entered another giveaway on Craftside and won a book! This is a good one and they let me choose what type book I wanted. Of course you all know that I love to crochet so I asked for a book of crochet if they had one. Here's what I received:
Isn't this just so cool? It not only has the pattern for knitting each project, it also has the pattern in crochet!!! This book is going to be so helpful. I love the Craftside blog. I think you can go there this way: Anyway give it a try and if that's wrong I'll correct it soon. I've been waiting awhile to do a blog about all these wonderful things. You all have no idea how much winning all this stuff has meant to me. I've also made friends and followers by participating that I'm so grateful for. I want to thank everyone once again. Thank you!