Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Wonderful Art Book made with Creative Paperclay® !


I absolutely love the way this project turned out! I’ve seen much larger books made for art journaling and for art in general and wanted to try something on my own. As just about everyone knows who reads my blog (maybe not the new followers) I love Creative Paperclay®! This is such a versatile clay and works for many different projects.

To begin with I rolled out my clay with a fondant roller and pressed in a design stamp:

Paperclay  book 005          Paperclay  book 006

I used  a clay cutter to cut the back and front out for the clay book and let the clay dry:

Paperclay  book 003          Paperclay  book 004

I made the holes in the book cover while the clay was still wet. Once the clay was dry, I painted the front and back with Sakura Hobby Craft-Crystal Lacquer mixed with the Terri Sproul Mixer, Tanzanite. While that color was still damp I added the Crystal Lacquer with the Terri Sproul Mixer, Bronze, just highlighting but not completely covering the Tanzanite.

Paperclay  book 009

When this was dry I painted the inside of the book cover with the Tanzanite. I then cut some Mixed Media paper to fit the book (3”X31/2”) and used an awl to make the holes. I took the papers and held them pressed together with small clamps while I brushed some Crystal Lacquer on the edge to act as binding.

Paperclay  book 010

Once everything was all dry I used some ribbon to hold everything together and attached a little butterfly to the front. Tell me what you think:


Paperclay  book 015               Paperclay  book 014

Paperclay  book 016                       Paperclay  book 017

Isn’t this just so neat? By using the Mixed Media Paper (400#) you can write, paint, decoupage, etc. and just about anything that you want to use and it won’t bleed through. I think this will be most fun to work in.



And The Winner Is…………..


Debra Buckland!!!!! I hate to keep everyone waiting. LOL Congratulations, you are really going to love playing with those mixers! Also Lyneen Jesse had the most votes of anyone on the design team, Congratulations to you too Lyneen! I’m so very happy for both of the winners. I thought all of the projects were wonderful and I know there were many who weren’t able to choose and cast a vote, cause they were all so good. wasn’t this a fun hop? I thought so and I know we’ll be having another one sometime within the next few months. Hope you all continue to follow what’s happening on this blog. Lots of fun stuff will be going on!



Friday, February 24, 2012

Mixing Creativity with Crystal Lacquer~~ A Sakura Hobby Craft & Terri Sproul Mixers Blog Hop!


I am so excited about the post today! We’re having a fantastic blog hop. But first let me show you the project that I’ve created for the Hop:

I watched a similar project a few days ago and then adapted it for my project. What we’re making today is a decorative container. I personally think this would be a great gift for a man or for anyone that likes the steampunk style. I started out with a tin can that I’ve had for years and some steampunk ephenera that I created with some resin and a mold from the Articus studio.

Blog hop for Sakura and Terri Sproul Mixers 001 A little bit here and a little bob there. These I glued onto the can using some Krazy Glue cause I wanted the instant stick.   Blog hop for Sakura and Terri Sproul Mixers 003  Blog hop for Sakura and Terri Sproul Mixers 004          Blog hop for Sakura and Terri Sproul Mixers 005 I then took some aluminum foil, crumpled it up and flattened it back out again. Note, try not to tear the aluminum and using a heavy weight aluminum foil would be best. I then used mod podge to apply it over the tin can.  You can use a stylus to help press it around the objects on the can. Once all that was done and dry I got to have fun playing with my Terri Sproul mixers!!!! I had fun doing some mixing. I used the bronze powders and mixed them with the crystal lacquer and also used the color enhancer. Wow was this ever some sweet stuff! I painted it on the covered tin twice and this is the end result:

Blog hop for Sakura and Terri Sproul Mixers 006            Blog hop for Sakura and Terri Sproul Mixers 007  

Blog hop for Sakura and Terri Sproul Mixers 016     Blog hop for Sakura and Terri Sproul Mixers 010   Blog hop for Sakura and Terri Sproul Mixers 014

Isn’t this just amazing?? I love how this tin turned out, don’t you?  Now here is how this blog hop works:

1. Leave me a comment

2. You must be a follower of my blog.

3. After you’ve gone to each blog and left a comment, go to the Sakura Blog and vote for whichever project you liked the best. I HOPE IT’S MINE!! :0)

The winner of the blog hop is going to win three of the Terri Sproul Mixers and some Crystal Lacquer and the design team member who gets the most votes for their project will win the same prize! How cool is that? I love it and wish you all the best of luck! Now hop on over to Gloria’s blog and leave her some love too. (Just click on her name over on the right hand side of this post under the blog hop announcement.




Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sakura Hobby Craft Design Team!!!

Today I am honored to announce
the new design team at
SAKURA Hobby Crafts!
Yes, I am on the list!

Please stop by their blogs and welcome each of them..
Terri Sproul - Team Leader
Amanda Marks
Lyneen Jesse
Leslie Rahye

Susan Brown
Gloriann Irizarry
Me - Barbara Moore
Sakura Crystal Lacquer has a new product line just announced at CHA!!!

Terri Sproul's Mixers

These mixers are simply put “AMAZING”! They mix with the Crystal Lacquer to create a whole new medium in which to work. Jewel tones, Pearlescent tones, Light colors, Deep colors, and a fabulous glitter that looks like Fairy Dust!

Be sure to stop by the Sakura Blog every Monday and Wednesday for inspiration on using these and other Sakura products!  You will really be glad that you did!
We’ll be having a blog hop soon so stay tuned!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012



I Hope everyone is ready for Valentines Day! I just had to make another Valentine before the great day arrives!


I used the Amazing Mold Putty to create the hearts in a previous post and the frame I created new:

Mix equal parts A & B to create your putty and press your frame into it to make your mold:

Rusty and mold putty 005 Once it sets you pop the frame out and you have this:Rusty and mold putty 006 If you mix equal parts of the Amazing Casting resin along with a little dye and pour it into the mold you get this when it sets up:Rusty and mold putty 007 I also made some resin hearts, which I dusted the mold with pearlesent powders first and they look like this: mold putty valentine 003 I also cast some of the resin into a mold from the Articus company. I then put all of the pieces together and created this happy little Valentine:

mold putty valentine 006

You hold the key to my heart

I’m thinking this would be something that a young girl would enjoy receiving don’t you? Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!



Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winners from the Blog Hop!!!


Here are our Blog Hop winners
she wins some Creative Paperclay®
Mary S
she wins some Amazing Mold Putty
please contact
with Winner in the regards
to claim your prize
by Feb 29, 2012
Thanks for playing.
I didn’t pick the winners and that is why you need to contact Terri Sproul directly.

Our Artsy Blogger Linkies for the week are:


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Have you tried using gel medium to transfer images to fabric? Eileen shares the how-to and the how-not-to!


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A Valentines Project made with Amazing Mold Putty and Creative Paperclay®


All righty then, let’s get on over to these blogs and show some love!!