Friday, June 25, 2010

The Blogerette Sorority

Wow folks, I've got to tell you that I've really had a time getting this picture into this post! I'm just as thrilled as can be at becoming a member of the "Blogerette Sorority". This has been rush week and I've been gone for the majority of it. Anyway as a condition of our "Rush" we were required to take the picture from "Some days are Diamonds blog" which is above this post and add our own picture to it. I didn't have time to do a whole lot so I used some Mary Engelbreit background and then put the Sorority picture and a picture of myself next to it. I'm no expert at messing with pictures and such that's for sure. I've also had the Sorority button on the right side of my blog for awhile now. So far this has been a really fun thing and I do believe it will bring a lot people closer here on the blogesfere. If you so feel inclined, please join us in the Sorority. There isn't any time limit to becoming a member.

Hugs XX

Monday, June 14, 2010


Summertime and the plants are growing and the flowers are blooming! I just had to take a picture of my favorite Hosta, Hydrangea and Astilbe. We also have Daylilies, Shasta Daisies,Clematis, Roses and Rose of Sharon blooming all around the yard. Our garden has finally started to take off. It seems like the vegetables are running close to a month behind. I know it has to do with the Spring we had. Right now it's not getting below 70 degrees at night though and in the 90's during the day. We could really use some rain here even though several people perished in the SW part of the state this past weekend because of flash flooding. I've been so sad over that and especially sad over the loss of several children.

This is a red and white hotpad that I made as part of the June 2010 CAL on Crochet Soiree. Hope I win a prize.  The Summer Sling Tote that's pictured above was made for my oldest Granddaughter. I hope she likes it. She picked out the yarn from some pics that her Dad emailed to her and the lining is from some vintage fabric that I picked up at an estate sale. Her twin sisters call her a hippy.LOL Personally, I like her style 'cause she's her own person. Our oldest son will be here late Thursday evening with his family on their move to their new home in El Paso, TX. He's a major in the Army and is being assigned to a new place. Counting the son who's staying with us for awhile and this son and family there will be 10 people in my house for three days. It should be fun though. Everyone is over 21 except for the youngest who is 13. I know there will be fishing and swimming going on. I'm gonna have to quit chatting away and get the house cleaned up and ready. Ick Hope you all have a fun filled week.