Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A New Project with Creative Paperclay® and Viva Las Vegas Stamps!


I hope that everyone had a Very Merry Christmas and got to enjoy special time with loved ones. I had a wonderful Christmas and still have one of our sons and his wife and one of the children still visiting with us. I did however take a little time out to make a couple of pieces today using Creative Paperclay® and Viva Las Vegas Stamps. I lost a couple of pictures along the way but I think you’ll get the idea. To start with I used:


Yep, Creative Paperclay® and Viva Las Vegas Stamps. After kneading the clay a bit to condition it, I rolled it out pretty thin(1/4 inch) with a fondant roller that I use. I then dusted my stamp with powder and placed it over the clay. I used my roller to roll the stamp into the clay and then lifted it off of the clay. Using an X acto knife I trimmed the excess clay from around the stamped image and set the clay aside to dry.


Once the clay was dry I used acrylic paints and glitter to color and enhance it and here’s what I ended up with:



Didn’t that turn out just beautiful? Trust me, the pictures don’t do it justice. While I was working on this combo of Creative Paperclay® and Viva Las Vegas Stamps I also used the same process to create another piece:



Isn’t this second stamp unusual? I love it! I’m going to use this in a mixed media piece. Please leave me a comment and let me know how you like these projects. Isn’t it great how you can use stamps to create something totally new with the paperclay? Stay tuned in for an upcoming blog hop that’s going to be coming up!

Hugs to you, Barbara

Thursday, December 22, 2011

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Merry Christmas

Enjoy these blogs and leave some love~!

Merry Christmas everyone!


merry christmas card

May your Christmas be all that you want it to be and all of your Christmas wishes come true! I have enjoyed every minute of time spent with my wonderful online blogger friends and those that don’t blog also. There are just so many wonderful people that I’ve met. I wish you all well in this season of Thankfulness and Love. Glory to God in the highest and on Earth, Peace and Goodwill toward men.

Love,   Barbara

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Great contest and giveaway going on!



You really need to check out this great contest going on over at Penny Saver and Mogasa.

Do you have a Craftmas project that you’re proud of? Well what are you waiting for? Go on over and enter it into their contest. Could be a great opportunity.



Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Making Some Christmas Tags!!


One thing that I haven’t shown you guys, are tags that I’ve made. Yep that’s right, tags. Bet you didn’t think I knew how didn’t you? I think I’ve gotten the hang of it.

Here’s a list of most of the things that I used:

Plain white large tags

Maya Ribbons

Petaloo flowers

Chalk pigments

EK Success bling

Ranger Ink

Assorted ephemera

Reflections scrapbook paper


Unity Stamp & generic stamp

On this first tag I cut scrapbook paper to fit the plain tag and glued them together. I then added the rick rack from Maya Road.

I then added a stray piece of ribbon and placed another piece of paper that I had stamped believe on it.

Christmas Tags 009  I had grunged up the piece of paper with some gold ink and then I added some gold blingy stars and dots. I tied a gold ribbon at the top and voila’ all done!

Christmas Tags 003This tag was made by chalking up a plain white tag and then using this Unity Stamp on it. I added a little bling on the right hand side and a Petaloo leaf in the lower left corner. I tied the gold ribbon to the top and done again!

Christmas Tags 014Here’s my last one, another Believe tag. I love that word “Believe”. That was my word for this year. This time I used a different Reflections scrapbook paper and some Maya bling. The same gold ribbon in the top.

I just loved the way these tags turned out. Did you? I’ve seen so many tags on so many blogs lately I just had to make a few of my own. I’ve still got several more to make and I’m working on something special card/tag wise for my next post. It’ll be different!!! lol

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Season!



Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winter and Christmas projects I’ve made lately….


Hello everyone! I hope this Christmas Season is becoming a wonderful one for you. I’ve been rather busy taking care of my husband but, whenever I’ve had a free minute or two I’ve been creating……

157   158   160


These are some of the ornaments that I’ve made using, egg gourds. The first one (blue) I used Krylon® Glitter Blast and then made the designs on it using a was technique which I learned from Miram Joy. The rest of the ornaments were dyed first and then had the wax technique used on them. All of the ornaments were then sealed.


This is my next project and I must say that I’m very proud of it……..

snowman and ornaments 005

Don’t you just love this sweet face? I know I do…………………………

                                                  snowman and ornaments 003

But this is the whole thing!


This snowman was made using a very large gourd, Creative Paperclay® and paint. Decorated with the hat, some fleece for the scarf and buttons. He stands approximately 20” tall to the top of his hat. I currently have him for sale at the Gallery for $60. I would also sell him online for the same price but you would also have to pay for the shipping. I hope you like them as much as I do. You can email me if you have an interest in him at:




Thursday, December 8, 2011

Look at all that’s going on!! It’s the Christmas season!


Does anyone besides myself watch Martha Stewart? Well even if you don’t, you really need to watch her show on December 12 because she is going to be working with Creative Paperclay® ! How awesome is that? You can bet that I’ll be tuned in!Creative_Paperclay_modeling_material_logo_640_x_280

Has your life suddenly been put into hyper speed with all of the preparations for Christmas? Well I know that it’s hard to do but just let it happen. Do what you can and then just let go of the rest and enjoy what the season is all about. It’s going to happen anyway so why beat yourself up if everything isn’t perfect? I have a husband who is down after back surgery that I have to care for, kids coming in from out of state for Christmas and my artwork that needs my attention. I’m trying very hard to go with the flow and will keep you all posted on the progress.

I also have a very dear blogger friend, Molly Wilson (Crocheting My Bestest With My Worsted)that is having major, major medical problems right now and if you will please put her on your prayer list. She needs prayer more than anything else right now, as does her husband, Jay.  If you have the time, why don’t you check out this post on the FaveCrafts blog with the question and replies on “What do you think is more important, quantity or quality?” Please give me a comment letting me know what your opinions are. Thanks