Monday, August 23, 2010

The latest Gourd Art!

Sorry it's been so long since the last post, but I've been extremely busy finishing some gourd art that I had already started. Did you guess what was in the picture? Well here it is.....
Yes, it's a lovely Vase to put your dried Fall flower arrangement in!
It is even more impressive in person. The interior is a bronze/suede looking color. The background is green and the leaves that are carved around the vase are multi fall colors.

I have taken the advice and encouragement from all my blogger friends and have entered my pieces into the "Gourd Fine Art Show" at the Ozark Classic Crafts Gallery in Hardy, AR for the month of September,  the "Gourd Fine Art Show" at the Riverview Emporium Gallery in Norfolk, AR for the month of October and I'll have my pieces at the "Craftsfest" at the Baxter County Fairgrounds in Mountain Home, AR on November 19th & 20th. Yes, all my art pieces will be for sale at each of the places that I just mentioned. I would like to show you a couple more pieces that I've completed along with prices. I will be happy to ship a piece out to you and add the postage to the final price if you decide you would like to have one of my pieces. The following is a piece that took considerable time to make and is three different gourds put together. I love this piece, and I think it is very special.
Price $125.00
What do you think of my lovely penguin mother and baby? I am very happy with it.
Price $35.00
This container is done in Fall colors, with leaves engraved on the top and engraving around the edge. I used dyes on all of the outside and paint on the inside.

Price $ 35.00
This container has dyes, waxes and paint on the outside and paint on the inside. It's done in lovely Fall colors.

I have been so happy with my Art and I feel that I've finally found my calling. The Gourd Art that I showed you in my last post is also for sale, just contact me at for prices. I hope you enjoy my Artwork as much as I enjoy creating it. I'll have more later on in the week I hope and your not gonna believe one of them. Let's just say that it represents something from the animal kingdom. I would love to hear from you all as I really value your opinions.