Thursday, February 17, 2011


Got your attention didn't I? Well after participating in the OWOH for the first time as a blogger, I've got to say it's been really challenging. I received 143 comments which is not too shabby for the first time. I did my winner choosing the old fashioned way by putting all the numbers in a hat and having my hubby pull out the winning numbers. In my original post I showed a picture of a gourd "apple" which I said the winner would get, but I had a little time to make another gourd project for this delightful adventure around the world! I made this small (the pics are taken kinda close) trinket box.


The pictures above don't really do any justice at all to this picture as it's much brighter. Anyway without anymore blabbering......The winner of the Apple Gourd is: #28 Tess at The Heart Of Words Congratulations Tess! And the winner of the Trinket Gourd is #40 Tere at Delightful Whimsy Congratulations to you also!

This has really been an amazingly fun time and I look forward to the new and improved version of OWOH  for next year! If you haven't already done so, you need to go over to Lisa Swiftka blog and read her announcement. Once again she outdid herself this year and has really got something grand planned for next year!! Thank you Lisa for all of this and for all that you do to promote the Arts!!