Friday, March 25, 2016

A Name Tag from a Gourd Scrap!

This has been a rather busy week for me and the reason being that I have a Gourd Festival to go to in just a few weeks and I must prepare for it. One of the things that the Gourd Society would like for everyone to do is wear a name tag made out of a piece of gourd. You can decorate it in anyway that you choose but they would like the base to be a gourd piece. Sooo, I've had a tag that I made the first year that I participated in the show but had said that I was going to make a new one for this year. If you will go over to Tiny Tool Time Blog you can see the instructions for the new name tag that I made and the neat tools I used to do it with!


Friday, March 11, 2016

Making a Tiny Drum for Decor

I've posted the instructions for making this adorable tiny drum with Native American traits onto the Tiny Tool Time Blog. Please take a moment to go on over, read the tutorial and leave me a comment or two.
Proxxon Tools is a great company to purchase your tiny tools from. Go to here to see the post: