Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Mask Mold made with Amazing Mold Putty!


I’m always looking for new things whenever I go into Hobby Lobby or Michaels and sometime ago I found a plastic mask that could be decorated.2004-01-09 10.56.02 Well this was definitely something that I didn’t want to lose the first time I decorated it! So I thought it would be the perfect thing to make a mold out of. So with my trusty Amazing Mold Putty Part A and Part B (equal parts of each) I molded the mask:       2004-01-09 10.55.32            

 2004-01-09 11.02.55                   2004-01-09 11.03.16

Once I had the mold made I filled it with Creative Paperclay® and let it dry. It took a couple of days for the clay to dry completely but it was worth the wait.2004-01-09 11.10.22  It may be hard to tell but the Paperclay mask is the one on the left. (I think lol) Once dry I used Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer and Tanzanite Shimmer Terri Sproul Mixer to paint the outside of the mask. I did put more than one coat on and here’s what it looked like: 2004-01-09 13.06.25  You wouldn’t believe how shiny and shimmery it looked! I then added some embellishments and voila’! 2004-01-09 13.37.31 Aren’t those feathers just to die for? Here’s another look:2004-01-09 13.38.04 I’ve got to tell you I was extremely happy with the way this looked and now that I’ve added a hanger to the back it will look very pretty hung on a wall. Yay for Amazing Mold Putty! Now I can make another and another and another………….Don’t forget that you can purchase the Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Casting Resin and Clear Cast Resin for 20% off until the end of September! Use AMP20 for your coupon code when you order and make sure you order! These products really are AMAZING!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Decorating a Photo Frame with Creative Paperclay® Embellishments!


I wanted to do something a bit different for my Paperclay project today so I got out a couple of molds and started molding stuff. Whenever I make something with a mold and Paperclay, I usually make several. When they’re all dry I put the ones which I’m not going to use back for use at another time. You can make something quick that way and not have to wait for the clay to dry.

2004-01-08 10.41.55

I needed a few butterflies for my project, so I used six of these and stored the rest along with the other things that I molded today, to be used in the future.

2004-01-08 11.36.10   Here’s the frame that I used. I painted it with Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer mixed with Terri Sproul Mixer, Shimmer green.

2004-01-08 13.41.37 Isn’t this color awesome? Plus my frame is now sealed and protected. I then worked on painting the butterflies and when they were dry I glued them unto the front of the frame. I glued a beaded leaf down first though.                                                       2004-01-08 17.00.12                2004-01-08 17.02.24 

I thought this was a nice Summertime project and will look good with a Summer picture in it.



Friday, July 27, 2012

The All Things Altered Blog Hop is Here!

Oh my goodness! I'm so excited about this blog hop and so excited to finally show you what I've made. You should have come to this blog from Lyneen Jesse's blog. You should have started from the Sakura Hobby Craft Blog. I've been thinking about cooler weather lately and also about the different Seasons of the year. I am so ready for Fall that I decided to make a Fall Fairy! Here's what I started with:

I used this wonderful paper mache' torso on stand, Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer, Terri Sproul Color Enhancer and Terri Sproul Copper Penny Mixer. I mixed all of the previous together and painted my torso to start with. It turned out an awesome color:
My next thought was to use some silk Fall leaves as the dress:


I also made these beautiful Fall Fairy Wings too! Terri Sproul has a wonderful tutorial on YouTube, showing you how to make them. I'm afraid this post would go on too long if I explained it all right now. Once the Fall Fairy Wings were finished and attached to the torso I then made a dress for the Fairy with the leaves:

Wasn't this Fairy just looking good? I decided to use a Sunflower for her head and I molded a Paperclay face which I attached. I used Crystal Lacquer and Shimmer Red and painted the petals with it. I mixed up some of the Extra Fine Glitter with the Crystal Lacquer and painted it on the leaves of her dress. The face was sealed with the Crystal Lacquer. Here are some pictures of the finished project:

The blog candy that is going to be given away is: 3 of the Terri Sproul Mixers and a Bottle of Crystal Lacquer. Whoopie! The winner of the blog hop will be posted on Monday July 30th on the Sakura blog. Here's what it takes to win: You must go back to the Sakura Blog and VOTE for your favorite project from all of the projects of the design team.
Here's the list of blog designers in order:
1. Sakura Hobby Craft
2. Terri Sproul
3. Lyneen Jesse
4. Barbara Moore (you're here)
5. Susan Brown
6. Gloriann Irizarry
7. Amanda Marks
8. Leslie Rahye
I hope you like my project as much as I do. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Making a tag with Sakura Hobby Craft and Terri Sproul Mixers!


I’ve been making a lot of ATC’s and Tags lately. I love making them because you get some almost instant gratification and they look so good when you’re done. I started out today’s project with the following:

2004-01-03 14.08.09

I mixed the Crystal Lacquer with the TS Mixers Using Copper Penny Pearl. The rest was easy………………………………………..  First I painted my tag with the Copper Penny and let it dry:

2004-01-03 14.11.09

Is this not the most beautiful color? And you should see it in person and up close! This color just looked so beautiful once it dried that all I did was add simple embellishments and voila’ here we have it!

    2004-01-03 15.21.20              2004-01-03 15.21.43

Don’t you think this is just the most beautiful tag for Fall? I loved how it turned out! What do you think? Please also come back tomorrow to our Altered Blog Hop!! I’ve got an amazing piece that I would love to show you! Sakura Hobby Craft has some wonderful bloghop candy for one lucky winner! You really don’t want to miss this bloghop!


Monday, July 16, 2012


Just a little info for all of you bloggers out there:

Save the date so you don’t miss the “ALL THINGS ALTERED” blog hop here on July 28th!!! http://crystallacquer.blogspot.com/  There’s gonna be some blog candy to be won, plus you’ll get to see some amazing projects and choose the one you like best! The BLOG CANDY that you might win will be….Three (3) Terri Sproul’s mixers and a bottle of Sakura 3D Crystal lacquer!!!! Oh the things that you can make or embellish with that stuff! Yum! Sakura will be sending out the goodies so don’t miss it!



Friday, July 13, 2012

Sakura Hobby Crafts and Terri Sproul Mixers!!!!

Hi folks! I wanted to show you something that I made with the Sakura Hobby Craft Lacquer and my Terri Sproul Mixers. Terri has shown us on her show (every Monday night at 8:00 PM EST on Linqto) and has also told us how easy it is to create ATC’s (artist trading cards) by using the lacquer and mixers. She even told us that you don’t have to wait until one color is completely dry before going over that color with another. Well I thought I would do just that. I started out with:
             class and sakura 7-13-12 012                                   class and sakura 7-13-12 011
I used the color mixers in the pastel palette because those were the only colored lacquers I had. I do have to say though that when you mix the Terri Sproul Mixers with the colored Sakura Hobby Craft Mixers  they come out an even deeper color. I also used Tanazanite Blue,  Yellow Shimmer, Green Shimmer and a few pieces of the Gold Glitz. I also used a word to describe what I was trying to portray and an ATC card that was gessoed in black. This is what I came up with and I’ve got to say it looks awesome!!!!! I belong to a group on Facebook who perform Random Acts of Art! This ATC will be left anonymously in a public place for someone to discover and take home with them. Oh, my word is “shine”. :0)
          class and sakura 7-13-12 015                                class and sakura 7-13-12 013
This picture doesn’t even begin to show the Shine on the card produced by the mixers. Nope, not even close! What do you think of this ATC?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Working with Paper and Making ATC’s!


When I heard of the Arnold Grummer company wanting people to sign up for their design team I thought , Woo Hoo this sounds like fun! I then went to their blogspot and read all about Arnold Grummer and how he started his company. I’m telling you folks this is one AWESOME paper company! Anyhoo, I wanted to try out for the design team but I’ve come down with a really nasty virus. So I went ahead and made these ATC cards.

To start with I did use some handmade paper, but it wasn’t made by me. I cut it into ATC size and primed it with black gesso.

                   IMG_1250       IMG_1251

I then proceeded to play with my stash of paints and some of the stash I have of scrapbooking supplies. I used Sakura Hobby Craft Crystal Lacquer to adhere the bits and bobs I used to decorate my ATC’s and also put a nice protective finish over all three ATC’s when I was finished.

IMG_1253            IMG_1259IMG_1260IMG_1261IMG_1262

What do you think? I used Twinkling H2O’s for the paint, and I also used a butterfly stencil on the one that says “Soar”. I plan to give these out to friends.