Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Mask Mold made with Amazing Mold Putty!


I’m always looking for new things whenever I go into Hobby Lobby or Michaels and sometime ago I found a plastic mask that could be decorated.2004-01-09 10.56.02 Well this was definitely something that I didn’t want to lose the first time I decorated it! So I thought it would be the perfect thing to make a mold out of. So with my trusty Amazing Mold Putty Part A and Part B (equal parts of each) I molded the mask:       2004-01-09 10.55.32            

 2004-01-09 11.02.55                   2004-01-09 11.03.16

Once I had the mold made I filled it with Creative Paperclay® and let it dry. It took a couple of days for the clay to dry completely but it was worth the wait.2004-01-09 11.10.22  It may be hard to tell but the Paperclay mask is the one on the left. (I think lol) Once dry I used Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer and Tanzanite Shimmer Terri Sproul Mixer to paint the outside of the mask. I did put more than one coat on and here’s what it looked like: 2004-01-09 13.06.25  You wouldn’t believe how shiny and shimmery it looked! I then added some embellishments and voila’! 2004-01-09 13.37.31 Aren’t those feathers just to die for? Here’s another look:2004-01-09 13.38.04 I’ve got to tell you I was extremely happy with the way this looked and now that I’ve added a hanger to the back it will look very pretty hung on a wall. Yay for Amazing Mold Putty! Now I can make another and another and another………….Don’t forget that you can purchase the Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Casting Resin and Clear Cast Resin for 20% off until the end of September! Use AMP20 for your coupon code when you order and make sure you order! These products really are AMAZING!



Maggie said...

Your masked turned out really beautiful!
Is the amazing mold putty and resin available at nationwide craft stores for 20% off? Or is it online only?

Barbara Rankin said...

Your mask is gorgeous. Love how you decorated it. Very nice.

Barbara Moore said...

Maggie the 20% off is online only thru Amazing Mold Putty.