Monday, July 18, 2011

Bath Salts Jar for a friend from Creative Paperclay!!

Folks I'm just so excited about my project for today I can hardly contain myself!!!!!!! It really turned out so amazing.  I started out with a plain old jar and lid:

I then covered both the jar and lid with paperclay. It really looked plain but that's when I started workin' it :

This was just too plain for me so I took the lid and made a rose out of the paperclay and put in the center. I then fashioned rosebuds and placed around the large rose and added a few leaves for good measure.

Now things got to be a lot of fun.  I started out by painting my rose and buds a light pink and then painted the jar the same pink. I painted my leaves green and highlighted the rose and buds with glitter. I also glittered around the edge of the lid. Lid now finished! I cut out a victorian picture and Modge Podged it to the jar. I then sealed the jar and glued off white rick-rack around the picture and added a little butterfly to the side of the picture. 

I think it all turned out just beautifully don't you? Now to just fill the jar with some lovely bath salts and give to a good friend!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Artsy Bloggers!!

Well here we are, time to hook-up with some Artsy Bloggers my friends!! Please take some time to check out each of the following blogs cause they're all very talented people who have some amazing things on their blogs:

Eileen Bergen-The Artful Crafter

Take a few moments to peek into the world of another artist: Scrap Girl and SG Product Designer, Brandy Murry. You may find some inspiration to help you grow in your art.

Beading Arts

Cyndi has a fabulous copy of 30-Minute Rings to give away, Come and enter to win!

Estate Sale Chairs: Finished!

Cherie has finished the final step in her estate sale makeover.

 Laura - Taz's Corner

My Altered Book - "In The Zone"

Mo(o)re Gourd Whimsies

Fourth of July Picture Frame with paperclay
Just link on up folks to see what's happenin' around the blogging community! Also I'm now within 15 posts of hitting 100, so.................. I'm gonna be thinkin' up some stuff to giveaway. Let me know whether you would prefer some gourd art, some bits and bobs of things, etc.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Picture Frame with paperclay

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful Fourth of July! I know this is the day after but I wanted to share this. Today we're going to embellish a picture frame with Creative Paperclay. I started out with an inexpensive wooden frame:
I covered the frame with glue and then added Creative Paperclay:
I then made some little firecrackers and put some blingy fuses in them, and cut some primitive stars out with an Xacto knife:
After allowing the Creative Paperclay to dry overnight, I painted the frame red, the firecrackers blue and the stars were painted white and then silver glitter was added to the stars. I then glued the stars and firecrackers to the frame  and voila' a very Fourth of July frame!

I don't plan on putting a picture in mine but rather to fashion something to place on the inside of the frame without the glass. I'll turn it into a patriotic picture and frame instead. Here's wishing you days filled with sparklies!! If you don't find your Creative Paperclay at your local hobby store you can purchase it directly from Creative Paperclay,  and if you like working with Creative Paperclay then you need to become a follower of the Creative Paperclay blog:  cause you can get some really nifty ideas on their blog from me and all the other design team members!!