Monday, August 23, 2010

The latest Gourd Art!

Sorry it's been so long since the last post, but I've been extremely busy finishing some gourd art that I had already started. Did you guess what was in the picture? Well here it is.....
Yes, it's a lovely Vase to put your dried Fall flower arrangement in!
It is even more impressive in person. The interior is a bronze/suede looking color. The background is green and the leaves that are carved around the vase are multi fall colors.

I have taken the advice and encouragement from all my blogger friends and have entered my pieces into the "Gourd Fine Art Show" at the Ozark Classic Crafts Gallery in Hardy, AR for the month of September,  the "Gourd Fine Art Show" at the Riverview Emporium Gallery in Norfolk, AR for the month of October and I'll have my pieces at the "Craftsfest" at the Baxter County Fairgrounds in Mountain Home, AR on November 19th & 20th. Yes, all my art pieces will be for sale at each of the places that I just mentioned. I would like to show you a couple more pieces that I've completed along with prices. I will be happy to ship a piece out to you and add the postage to the final price if you decide you would like to have one of my pieces. The following is a piece that took considerable time to make and is three different gourds put together. I love this piece, and I think it is very special.
Price $125.00
What do you think of my lovely penguin mother and baby? I am very happy with it.
Price $35.00
This container is done in Fall colors, with leaves engraved on the top and engraving around the edge. I used dyes on all of the outside and paint on the inside.

Price $ 35.00
This container has dyes, waxes and paint on the outside and paint on the inside. It's done in lovely Fall colors.

I have been so happy with my Art and I feel that I've finally found my calling. The Gourd Art that I showed you in my last post is also for sale, just contact me at for prices. I hope you enjoy my Artwork as much as I enjoy creating it. I'll have more later on in the week I hope and your not gonna believe one of them. Let's just say that it represents something from the animal kingdom. I would love to hear from you all as I really value your opinions.


Ann said...

Good grief Barbara these are fabulous! Can't believe they are created from gourds! They look like very expensive studio ceramics!

As one of my handmade gift prizewinners I'm rather embarrassed to offer you one of my little creations. I'd love you to pick something and contact me on

The Garden Bell said...

Magnificant. These truly are a piece of art. I love to see what you are up to and so enjoy your sweet comments when you stop by my garden. Hope to see you around your blog more this fall.


BelleSouth said...

Wow, Barbara! These are so gorgeous!! I'm glad you are entering them in hows, etc. Keep us posted how things turn out and whether people had the good sense to want to take your art home with them!

And thanks for your sweet post on my blog, sister! :)

The Strawberry Mallard said...

OMG Barbara!!!!!!! I can't even imagine the amount of time and work that you put into them! They are BEAUTIFUL. They are PERFECT!! Be VERY pruod of your work, it really is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Those are just amazing!!! I can't say which one I like best either...'cause I love 'em all.

Jeanne said...

Your artwork is just stunning! I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into creating a single piece, let alone all these. Wow!

It's obvious you truly love what you do. Good luck!

sandy said...

Beautiful! it's AMAZING what you've done with the gourds!
You've certainly found your niche!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! sandy

Molly said...

I hate to be an "I told you so person,but" I did !! I knew after I saw your first piece that you were meant to do this. Your crocheting is great but I think this type of art is your real home. Just think, I can say I knew you before you were famous!! Love ya, Molly

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Barbara, these are simply beautiful. My, how talented you are!

Thank you so much for the lovely comments you have left at Bella Vista. It is wonderful to meet you at last.

Barb ♥

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Those are incredibly gorgeous Barbara!
Honestly, what an artist you are!
And thank-you for the sweet birthday wishes, I so appreciate it!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Your work is beautiful. Such a talent. I am so impressed. Love them all. Thanks for stopping by and our gracious comments too. Hugs, Marty

Lynn Stevens said...

They all came out beautifully, I'm so happy to hear your going to do the shows, I know you will do very well!

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

All of them are truly awesome! Can't wait to see the rest!

Bevie said...

Barbara I'm thrilled to see these awesome pieces of "fine Art", and I'd love to have one lets see what's left after your shows...I'm sure you'll be making more at least I hope so. The $35.00 price is great too....I wouldn't take any less for the gorgeous penguin momma and baby!!! You Rock sweetie!!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Barbara, you are the TALENTED one! These creations are just fabulous! The mama and baby peguin are so precious!

I know you are going to be well received at the shows!!

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comment!


Karen said...

My husband and our 21 year old son just watched the "rescue" of all the Aquarium marine life in New Orleans after Katrina. One huge thing was the penguins!

How appropriate for us we watched this on DVR tonight. They were all found safe! Even the 24 year old one. Older than our youngest son. YAY!

Great timing!
Love your work. My goodness!!!!!

This was the perfect post to read tonight!
:) Karen

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, Barbara--magnificent!!! They should be in a museum!!! Wow...they are fabulous!

Happy Crocheter said...

OMG Barbara! Your artwork is beautiful and congratulations on finding something that fulfills you.

Happy Crocheter said...

OMG Barbara. Your gourd artwork is beautiful. I'm so glad that you have found something that you love to do.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

These are amazing! I ADORE that vase. I have never seen ghord art like this. If I was still working, I would so buy one from you! You deserve every penny for them!!

Doris Sturm said...

I have never seen such beautiful gourd art in my life - never even knew it cold look this polished and elegant....those pinguins are to die for - they are so sweet!

You do fantastic work. Bet it sells like hotcakes :-)

Have a lovely weekend,

Shelia said...

Hi Barbara! Oh, your work is so beautiful! You are very talented and I wish you well as you enter your pieces in the show! My grandmother used to grow gourds in her backyard. She just made a dipper out of hers! :)
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Snap said...

Barbara, these are fabulous! Love the them all! WOW. When you say you've been busy, you weren't kidding!

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Ohhhhh! Your work is just fabulous! What an artist you are! I love it all, but of these pictures, I kept going back to the graceful vase in the first those heavenly colors!

And, that darling little much work. I wouldn't know where to start.

It is hard to believe these are made from gourds!!!

Thank you for the great message you left me...I was just pondering.

fannipauline said...

What very beautiful work you do..they are wonderful,,,,,,,,Best of luck to you.......Pauline

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

You will have no trouble selling these Barbara!
My goodness, you are really talented!
If I had any extra money I would buy one today. But I know they are going to get sold quickly.
Good luck with this amazing adventure!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Your pieces are beautiful. I wouldn't have known that pitcher was a gourd...amazing.

Anonymous said...

Your gourd art is amazing, the penguin and the swan are unbelievable and the colors of the others are beautiful fall colors. I would love to take classes in this art form. If you hear of other classes in MO please let me know. Margaret

Suzie Button said...

Barbara, Your gourds are gorgeous! I'm sure they'll do well at the art fairs you'll be at! Thanks for stopping by to see me too! Suzie

Laurie said...

How fun! You are so creative! I like the penguins best because I've been collecting them for years. Second I like the fall leaves one. Thank you for stopping by my blog -- it was great to hear from you!

Deneen said...

I adore the gourd container. Open an etsy shop lady and get to work :)

Eileen Bergen said...

I love them all - and especially the penguins!

MamaLezlie said...

Barbara, that's amazing. I had no idea there even was gourd art. You do beautiful work.