Sunday, February 12, 2012



I Hope everyone is ready for Valentines Day! I just had to make another Valentine before the great day arrives!


I used the Amazing Mold Putty to create the hearts in a previous post and the frame I created new:

Mix equal parts A & B to create your putty and press your frame into it to make your mold:

Rusty and mold putty 005 Once it sets you pop the frame out and you have this:Rusty and mold putty 006 If you mix equal parts of the Amazing Casting resin along with a little dye and pour it into the mold you get this when it sets up:Rusty and mold putty 007 I also made some resin hearts, which I dusted the mold with pearlesent powders first and they look like this: mold putty valentine 003 I also cast some of the resin into a mold from the Articus company. I then put all of the pieces together and created this happy little Valentine:

mold putty valentine 006

You hold the key to my heart

I’m thinking this would be something that a young girl would enjoy receiving don’t you? Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!




Lundy09 said...

G'day Barbara, I am Kathie - an Aussie struck down in my 60th year by Acute Myeloid Leukemia (or AML).I came your way via Crochet Galore & totally love your work,especially your new valentine's piece.ANYONE would love to receive such beauty. Bye for now - have overdone & need to rest, Kathie

Lundy09 said...
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Barbara Moore said...

Glad to see you Kathie! I would like to send you a note also but can't find an email. Thank you for your lovely comments.

Hugs XX

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

Barbara thank you for always leaving such kind comments on my blog. I am so bad about getting around to blogs but hope to get better in time.
P.S. your side bar says One World One Art instead of Our World Our Art .....just saying ;)

Barbara Moore said...

My bad Lisa! I'll get that fixed ASAP.

Hugs XX

Cherie Burbach said...

I agree, it would be a really nice present for a young girl. Thanks for showing us the technique.

Eileen Bergen said...

That is sooo cute, Barbara. I love what you're doing with the Amazing Mold Putty. Thanks for sharing your ideas.