Monday, September 28, 2009

Chemo Caps and Hats

I recently joined a group on Ravelry called "Hearts of Love". The members of this site crochet or knit chemo caps/hats for Cancer victims who are receiving treatment. It is an awesome thing for people to do for someone else. You can either send your caps/hats to Teresita and she will take them to a Cancer center in Northern California or you can donate them to a Cancer treatment center in your own state. I'm opting for the center in my own state which would be the Arkansas Children's hospital. They take any size hat/cap from infant on up. Each year they collect "Boggins for Noggins". When the project first started they just gave caps to the Cancer patients who were being treated there, but when the other children saw their new found friends receiving a "Boggin for their Noggin" they wanted one also. Consequently the hospital now lets anyone who is leaving the hospital during the Winter months (or any other month if they want one) have a "boggin for their noggin". Anyway the "Hearts of Love" group has a challenge if you will going on for each person in the group to knit or crochet 3 chemo caps/hats by the end of October and send to a Cancer Treatment Center of their choice. Currently my hubby and I have the three hats to donate but we want to do three more before the end of October so that we'll each have three to donate. Don't you think this is a wonderful thing to do for someone else? If you would like to join in just let me know.

"Help someone smile today"

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Molly said...

Hi, I found you! I used to donate caps for cancer patients because of all the family members I have lost. But when we moved here to S.Dakota my Doctor asked if I would consider making some and donating them to the Native American Hospital here. They virtually have nothing and freeze all winter. So since 2004 I have been doing that and i really get a sense of fulfillment by doing so. I work on them all year and then make a delivery sometime Oct.-Nov., it helps me to work on them during the summer, it is just a little lightweight quick thing to make and it is needed and appreciated. I am so glad I have met you, this is going to be fun. Take care my friend, Molly