Friday, May 7, 2010

Here I Am!

Hello Everyone! I hope this post finds everyone happy and content. I've been so busy recently that I think I may have met myself. Yes, we did go to the Gourd Festival held in Sedalia, MO and enjoyed ourselves immensely. The hubby and I both took classes and thought that they were great. We both enjoyed our instructors but I know that I got the funnest ones........."The Gourd Sisters, Lindy and Ann"! They live in Ballwin, MO and are very talented gourd artists. Here's an example of what I made in my class:

I really liked how my little gourd penguin and snowangel turned out. What about you?
Now here are some of the pictures of gourd items entered into the competition:
Yes my dears, these were all made out of gourds! Can you believe that motorcycle? There was even a tabletop working merry-go-round. I was amazed at all the beautiful things that I saw and yes I took TONS of pictures. We also bought a lot of gourds for working with and have since purchased a lot of the stuff we need to do some gourd crafting of our own! I'll show you more pictures when I get some things completed. It really was a great trip and I think I made some new friends while we were there.

This past week I made two baby bibs exactly like this first one that I made:
And mailed them off to Doug the IT guy over at Crochet Soiree 'cause he's expecting twin girls in the month of May. Now I've started working on a prize for the May CAL over on Crochet Soiree. I'm making a granny tote which will be lined as one of the prizes in Autumn colors. If you know how to crochet or want to learn how, you need to get on over to right away and enter the CAL and contest. The details about it are in the Tamara's blog before last. Easy projects and nice prizes too~ Come on over and join us. Well dears I have a lot to do in a little time and I'm also going to the Farmer's Market as a seller tomorrow. I've got some lovely irises, daylilies, sweet basil, spearmint, oregano, tomato plants, zucchini plants etc. to sell. Wish me luck! More to come in the future.

HugsXX    Barbara


SheilaC said...

I love your little gourds!! :)

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your Mother's Day story. My first child was born on Mother's day too! Fun way to celebrate our first Mother's day, hm?

Good luck in the give away, and check back late Saturday to see who won!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!


glor said...

Those little gourds are adorable, I especially love the penquin, ahhh, but the snow angel is so, so cute. Beautifully done. The bibs are very pretty, were these done in yarn or cotton? Good luck at the market, sounds like you have some wonderful fare. Wish I was closer!

Jeanne said...

Lovely! Who knew you could create such beautiful and fun pieces from gourds. Certainly not me!

Your bib is terrific! I'm sure it will be well loved and well used.

Sounds like you have lots of goodies to market, too. What a fun time of year for you!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Sweetie! I really love the way your gourds turned out! Reeeeally cute!!! It's amazing what people can create! ... Your baby bib is just adorable also! Too adorable for baby messes for sure! I hope you're enjoying your day today! xo Paulette

Regina said...

Hi Barbara....LOVE the gourds. What an amazing job!! The bibs are so cute...I bet those just get worn on pretty to mess up..hehe!!

Thank you for dropping by my place and I hope today has been a good mother's day for you.

from a fellow Moore!!!! (small world huh) ^_^

The Strawberry Mallard said...

Talk about BUZY!!!!!!!!
Oh I love those gourd talented...I would love to be able to buy one of them!
The bib has to be the prettiest one I have seen in a long time! Love the safe with the bad weather we have all been getting!
Hugz, Nancy, G-dog and the Beckarrrrrro

Shropshire Suz said...

Interesting post about Gourds!!! fascinating creations

Thanks for kind comments glad you like the cushion about 3/4 done now!
Hugs xx

Shropshire Suz said...

Hi..well old house emptied at last fumes all used up hehehe

feel we can now relax and really get going on Bakewell at last hehe

weather here is stunning at the moment gardening weather for sure
Cushion will have to wait until tomorrow to be completed we need to tidy the garden and collect any plants l want from old place and plant them here...perfect weather for it any way hehehe
Hugs xx

CupCakeCutie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the give away. Loved seeing pictures of all the cool gourds!

The Garden Bell said...

These little gourd guys are just too cute. Maybe, I need to grow some gourds too. You never know.

Here's the link to the easy pattern. I'm working through another stash I found. Imagine that. 2 strands held together. No brainer, but changing color more often.

Hope this works.
Great post today,
Kate - T.G.B.

Dolly said...

Such creative people...those gourds are so unique!

Barbra thank you for making me smile this morning!
Loved your visit!

Hugz, Dolly

Maria said...

Love the penguin gourd and the rest are just amazing