Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Unique Piece

I just had to take the time to do a post about this unique piece of Gourd Art that I've done. I'm not wanting to brag in any way but I am very proud of it. I entered this piece and four other pieces of Gourd Art in the County Fair. I received five Premium Blue Ribbons on the pieces (Premium Blue Ribbons come with monetary prizes) and also placed Best in Show with another ribbon on this particular piece. All I've taken pictures of so far is this Best in Show piece but I'll take pictures of the other four and post about them at another time.

I really enjoyed entering this piece and the four others in the Fair. All five pieces will be going to the District Fair on the 18th of September. Please wish me luck! If things go well for me there, I'll be taking my pieces to the State Fair for judging. Woot! I'm so excited about all this and I wonder all the time as to whether or not my work is good enough for competition. Let me know what you think.



ACreativeDreamer said...

Obviously the judges don't wonder if your work is good enough for competition! Great job, the piece is just lovely.

Theresa said...

GORGEOUS! I love it!!!!You are sure to win:) HUGS!

Kim said...

I think it is gorgeous and I can see why it won ribbons! Do you carve the spaces out with a xacto knife? It's so pretty Barbara- you should be very very proud and I wish you lots and lots of luck at the District Fair- and beyond!!

Barbara Bradford said...

Lovely, I can't believe that beautiful vase start out its life as a gourd... You are a very talented young lady.. Good Luck at district!!

Dezinaworld said...

Wow this is so so gorgeous and intricate. You have a lot of talent my friend and its always lovely to visit here. i am hooked
hugs June xxx