Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mold Putty and Resin Embellishments for My Gourds!


Most of the projects that I’ve posted on my blog using the Amazing Mold Putty and the Amazing Casting Resin have been for something other than Gourd Art. Today is going to be different. You know once I became a member of the Amazing Mold Putty design team it was like the world was open to endless possibilities to create molds from. I started picking up things everywhere that could be molded. In this project I had picked up this drawer pull to create embellishments from for putting on gourds, so I mixed up Part A and Part B of the putty and pushed my drawer pull into it to create the mold:

Mold Putty Embellishments 027 In about five minutes or less the mold set up and I removed the drawer pull. This is what the mold looked like;

Mold Putty Embellishments 029 That’s a better picture of the drawer pull and this is a better picture of the mold:

Mold Putty Embellishments 034 I hope you can see how the mold putty picks up all of the little details that are on the drawer pull. Once I had created the mold, I mixed up some of the Amazing Casting Resin (equal parts of A and B) and poured it into the mold. This stuff is amazing also in that it sets up very quickly.:

Mold Putty Embellishments 037 And once it set up it turns white like the picture above and all you have to do is pop it out cause the mold you just made stays flexible. I then mixed up some Crystal Lacquer with Terri Sproul mixers and painted two of the embellishments I had created;

Mold Putty Embellishments 042 I used silver mixers on the two on the bottom of the picture and may add a little black to highlight the creases. I’m going to use these as embellishments on my gourds. I think it’s going to look outstanding plus I now have a mold that I can make embellishments from anytime I want. Endless uses for this embellishment!! Gourds, papercrafts, scrapbooking, mixed media, the applications are endless I tell you, endless!!




Maggie said...

That is a VERY cool mold! I love the detail in it.

Eileen Bergen said...

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