Saturday, June 30, 2012

Amazing Clear Cast Resin and some Steampunk goodness!


I really have to start out by saying that my pictures this go around didn’t nearly give my project justice and I had a terrible time getting the camera to work at all. I thought I was taking pictures but when I went to download them they weren’t there. :0( And so to begin, I started out with Amazing Clear Cast Resin and a mold that a friend had picked up for me.

blog 6-30-12 024

I’m sure that you can see that the mold is cracked. I’ll explain what happened. Now I have used the Amazing Quick Cast resin many times in rubber molds and plastic molds without any problems but after pouring my second layer of clear resin it quickly became apparent that this resin wasn’t going to let go. I thought I would deal with the release part when I came to it and continued on. I put a layer of clock parts in the resin and then poured another layer to fill the squares enough to cover them. I then used some of the Terri Sproul extra fine glitter and sprinkled it around the outside of the frame and laid a steampunk picture in the wet resin. The picture really is awesome and is a man and woman from the victorian era with gears etc. all over. It made a terrific background and then I poured a final layer of resin over the back of that. Once it set I was totally stumped as to how to get the resin to release. so I made one phone call to someone and they didn’t know what to do either. I then had the thought to ask the same friend who gave me the mold if she might know because she had used resin a lot in the past. She told me that the mold might crack or break but to put the piece in the freezer for a few minutes and then give it a try to pop the piece out. Well that’s what I tried and guess what? Yep it popped out!!! The frame did crack but guess what? Since my piece came out perfect I’ll use it to make a mold with the Amazing Mold Putty!!! What a perfect ending. Here are several pictures of the project. I wanted to try to show you how everything is layered in the resin. I’ve got to say this is an amazing piece and I plan to hang it on the wall.

blog6-30-12 054 First layer in the mold, see all of the clock pieces?   blog 6-30-12 009  blog 6-30-12 012

blog 6-30-12 016  blog 6-30-12 019

blog 6-30-12 015  blog 6-30-12 009

Isn’t this gorgeaous? I am so happy at the way it turned out. And now we all know what a few minutes in the freezer can do for a stubborn project!



Barbara Rankin said...

This turned out beautifully, Barbara. I'm sure if you put me in the freezer, I'd pop out too! LOL. Thanks for the tip, though. I'm sure I'll need it one day.

Charlotte said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I may not comment but I enjoy your posts. Stay Cool!

artbywendy said...

I love it! very cool! I may have to try using that resin looks like fun! :O)