Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gourd work and Sakura Crystal Lacquer and Terri Sproul Mixers!


It’s been a little while since I’ve posted some of my Gourd Art that I’ve used Sakura Lacquer and the TS Mixers on. Well this gourd is a new one. To begin with the gourd has to be scrubbed on the outside, cut open and cleaned on the inside. I chose to make a bowl out of this particular gourd and I wanted to make it unique of course. In the first picture I’ve already carved out a circular spot and painted it with gold TS Mixers and Sakura Lacquer. Once that was done I used “Thick” Sakura Crystal Lacquer and put a thin layer in the same spot and added seed beads on it and when that had set I filled in the area with the “Thick” Crystal Lacquer. I know you’ve probably not heard about the “Thick” Lacquer from Sakura and that’s probably because it is new. I contacted Hiro Sakura some time back when I was placing an order and told him that I needed something thicker than the regular Crystal Lacquer because a gourd has a curved surface and the regular lacquer ran too quickly for what I was wanting to try. He sent me some and I’ve got to say “I love it!” The Terri Sproul Mixers can be mixed with both Lacquers and we know how good that looks!

2003-01-10 14.51.42    2003-01-10 14.51.53

Here’s  a couple of pictures of the gourd after I had ground out the lizards. See the gold circle in the middle?

2003-01-10 15.24.12    2003-01-10 15.24.56

These are the lizards after they were ground out and then painted with the Sakura Crystal Lacquer and the Terri Sproul Mixers

2003-01-10 15.49.13    2003-01-10 15.49.25

These pictures show the lizards with the beads and “Thick” Crystal Lacquer.

2003-01-11 19.28.17    2003-01-10 19.40.01

These pictures show the lizards with the Lacquer dry.

2003-01-11 19.28.04

This is a shot of the bowl with the lizards and the circle finished. The gourd is finished but I’m not sure if I will add anything else. How do you like it? These products are the bomb!! There are several places that you can buy these products at but Sakura Hobby Craft carries them all!



rachel whetzel said...

I've always wanted to try gourds. :)

Lee said...

OH WOW, the beads on the lizard look great, love the color as well, your lizard design is nicely carved.