Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Burial of a Nine year old and the 911 Flag

As many of you know, today is the memorial service and burial of Christina Green, the youngest victim of the Arizona Shooting a few days ago. Christina was born 9-11-01, a day that will always be remembered by the American people as a day when terrorists and their acts of senseless violence changed our country forever.

As a fitting tribute to Christina and also to the American people, the 911 Flag is being hoisted by two fire trucks over the door of the church where Christina's funeral will be held. Every person attending her funeral will pass beneath that flag.

I have seen that flag and touched that flag and placed a stitch in that flag as an act of repairing it and this great country of ours which has been ripped apart by the events that occured on 9-11. This past November, my husband (who's a veteran) and myself spent the majority of Veterans Week in Branson, MO. Every year that city puts on an extraordinary series of events which honor our nation's Veterans. The Veterans Coalition held a special service regarding the 911 Flag which has been touring the country asking people to be a part of repairing the Flag. The Flag is escourted by a member of the New York Fire Department.
A wonderful ceremony was held which included the history of the flag and how it came to be and was rescued from the ashes of 9-11-01. It was said that as that flag is mended so will our country be. Oh my how I wish that flag were completely mended! We gave a donation on that day to help with the cost of taking it across this country of ours and to help meet the needs of the wonderful people who have undertaken this project.
I hope that this flag and the little girl who was born on this day and tragically taken 9 1/2 years later will help to unite this country of ours and all of its citizens. I pray that the God who watches over us will lead us and guide us in all that we do and my sympathies and condolences are with the family of Christina today and always.



glor said...

Touching post. And you have a part in this. Thank you.

Doris Sturm said...

Thank you so much for this lovely post. I'm glad you got a chance to help mend our flag! You are right, this country does need mending and it's profound gestures like the 9-11 flag making its rounds through this country, that will aid in that progress. It is a very soothing and rewarding step to symbolize our desire to heal and be healed.

My condolences to the parents of that precious young life who was taken too soon.

God bless America! God bless everyone!

Theresa said...

What a sweet post! I saw the flag on TV today at the funeral of that precious Angel! I would love to see it in person someday! Thanks for sharing! HUGS!

Anonymous said...


What a beautiful post. I loved it and what an honor for you to mend the 9/11 flag. Thanks for sharing.

Love you,

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, Barbara, I am so touched by this post...and it is so incredibly sad that this little girl was killed and all those who died with her...

What a precious child she was and I cannot imagine what her parents are going is beyond comprehension.

Thank you for this post.