Monday, October 1, 2012

Creative Paperclay® Christmas Decoration


Today’s post is about a Christmas decoration that I made out of paperclay and trying out for the new Creative Paperclay® Design Team. I love Creative Paperclay® and I love coming up with new ways of making things from it. This is my third post about Creative Paperclay® in the past four days, so that should tell you how much I enjoy working with it.

2003-02-18 13.35.39 I started out of course with

my paperclay which I rolled out and then cut a shape from. I used two stamps and pressed them into the clay to make imprints and then used an awl and made a hole in the top of it and let it set for a day to dry. I did turn it over when it was about halfway dry. Once everything was dry I used some black paint to highlight the writing and painted the wreath. I then use glitter paint to cover the rest of the front and added swirls and glittery stick-ons. Once all the embellishing of the decoration was complete I threaded a ribbon through the hole at the top and voila’ all complete!

        2003-02-19 17.15.52                           2003-02-19 17.16.44

I thought it turned out beautifully! My husband couldn’t believe it was made out of clay! I know I’m happy with it. The pictures don’t do justice to all the glitteriness!

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Terri Sproul said...

great post, thanks for your submission to be on the Creative Paperclay Design Team.

Anonymous said...

The satisfaction at creating such ornaments must be immense.
So fabulous!

Kitty said...

Very nice Barb! I need some of that clay for sure!