Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crochet and my niece Hannah part. 2

Several of you wonderful visitors to my blog read about my niece Hannah learning to crochet. I have been so proud of her! She decided that she wanted to learn and really made the effort.

She had crocheted a purse and a doily that she entered into the county fair. Her crocheted pieces did very well in the county fair and her doily was sent on to the state fair. We (or should I say I) have been waiting rather nervously for the results of her hard work. Last night I received a call from Hannah and she told me that she had won "Honorable mention and Best in show" for her age group at the state fair. Not too bad for a young lady, 13 years of age who had only been crocheting for less than six months when she submitted her crochet to be judged! You bet I'm proud of her!

I'm also very glad and grateful that I was instrumental in her learning how to crochet. She now has an artistic craft that she'll be able to use the rest of her life, whether or not she continues to pursue crochet consistently. I've got to get her some more patterns!! Tee Hee!

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Molly said...

How fantastic!! Yes you have the right to be proud of her. I bet I know what she will be getting for Christmas! Take care