Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Day

Rain rain go away come again another day! I know that rain is necessary but I think we've had too much of a good thing.

Well I got started on the tea cosy that I'm making for my swap partner in Finland. I'm sure that she will need something to help keep her tea hot 'cause I'm sure that the weather is cooling off there! I've also worked on my granny squares for the granny swap that I'm in and I made a little granny square that I intend to turn into a small coin purse. Who will get that for Christmas in their stocking? It's a deep purple.

While I was on the computer earlier, the little featherbabies that I hand fed were sitting on my head. So far, so good though as they haven't left any deposits up there! LOL

I also worked some more on the back room/porch/den trying to get it ready for Winter. I love to look out all the windows while I'm cosy and warm inside. My dear hubby made a very large pot of vegetable beef soup which was just wonderful this evening for dinner. He had me call a dear friend of ours and tell her that he had put some up just for her and her hubby. Isn't he thoughtful? She didn't call me back until much later so I told her to stop by on her way home from work tomorrow night and she wouldn't have to cook. She liked that idea. I hope everyone has done something thoughtful for someone else today. It will certainly make you feel good inside.


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