Saturday, October 31, 2009

My first Swap

Flowered Teapot CosyHow many of you readers of my blog participate in swaps? Being new to crocheting and also new to posting, I hadn't participated in swaps until just a couple of months ago. My first swap was in a tea pot cosy group and the tea cosy shown here was my first one. I've got to admit I did the bottom twice. The first time it ended up so big you could have fit a whole tea service inside it! The second time went much smoother. The pattern was a free one and it was done in much different colors than the one shown here. My swap partner loved Autumn colors so I did the bottom of the cosy in a variegated sort of beigey colors and then did the stems to the flowers in a dark green and the flowers (there were around 125 of them) in Autumn colors. When my swap partner received it she said that she loved it and that she had to get it back from her little girl several times the first day it was there 'cause she kept putting it on her head and running away with it to her room! LOL It would make quite a different looking hat if the top and sides were completely sewn up! I've just finished and mailed my second tea cosy to a swap partner from Finland. Sure hope she likes hers also. This swapping thing is fun isn't it? Right now I'm in one granny square swap and am about to start another. This could get kind of addicting couldn't it? But think of all you can learn in the process! I had never made a granny square before the first contest and now I've done several different kinds. I've got a book of 200 blocks and another of 50 (which is Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss newest collaboration). I love the one of 50, but have only done around 7 of the designs so far. Onward! To a new square!

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Molly said...

That is a very pretty tea cosy. I think you are doing great for someone that hasn't crocheted very long. I love swaps, the only thing is I have to make sure they are small items. Sometimes I wind up in bed for 3 days and I'm almost unconscious, Jay watches over me to make sure I am still breathing. So I like to try for small items because I know I will have time for them. I love that we are in the swap on Ravelry, what fun. Take care my Queen 8>)