Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Wow is it ever rainy today and has been for the past several days. The weatherman says if we see any sunshine don't get used to it 'cause there's another front coming in. Where did all this water come from (as if I didn't know)? The neighbors pond which is behind our house has overflowed and now their field is flooded. Not too good for the horses I would imagine. So this is going to be a good day to do some rearranging indoors and crocheting to my little hearts content.

I think I'll try to finish up my granny squares for this month and start on a tea cosy that I need to make for a swap partner in Finland. This is the second tea cosy swap that I've entered and I really like it. Of course one can never have too many tea cosies! Especially me, since I have a tea pot collection of over 200 pots I would imagine. Of course I do have my favs which are basically plain and simple, but I have many the are different and by different I mean that they could represent red riding hood, a shoemaker, a snowman, get the drift? Keeps things from being too plain don't you think?

I also want to pick out some new projects once I get things organized a bit around the house. Wish me luck!


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Molly said...

What a great collection! You'll never guess what I collect---cow creamers! I started a million years ago when I found one in an antique store, I was hooked right away. You have rain and we have snow, do they even make sunshine anymore? I have worked on this dang afghan all day and I only have 3 more rows to go--WOW! I really have no idea what I will work on next but I promise it will not be blue or red or an afghan! I would love to see a photo of one of your tea cosies, do you make them out of yarn or thread? I love that we can visit each others blog, do you know if any of the others have blogs? I just like to see what people are doing on their own, I guess I'm just nosy 8>) Gotta run, take care